What is your Game Day?

I believe everyone’s version of Game Day changes throughout the course of their life. For me, it went from playing under the lights on Friday night, followed by Saturday afternoons, to now hosting a party for 45,000+ people for the third year in a row – typically on my birthday. Call it game day, call it my birthday party. We call it Championship Tailgate.
ETZEL is now three years into its journey with the College Football Playoff and Championship Tailgate. We’ve experienced below freezing temperatures and 30mph winds in Dallas, torrential downpours in Phoenix, and tropical storms in Tampa. What have we learned? If you build it, they will come.  
ETZEL has earned the opportunity to work with one of the most iconic brands out there today, and we didn’t get here without a team full of 5 star recruits. Our team has built a VIP suite over a six-lane active road, set a Texas state record for the number of city permits submitted and approved in a single day, and consistently transformed ordinary spaces into gorgeous environments. Best of all, we get to show everyone what we do by simply telling them to turn on ESPN.
I could say we have the best team… but anyone could say that.

I could say we throw the coolest parties around… but how could I prove that?
I can say that every year our team builds the biggest college football tailgate in the world. No question. 
700,834 square feet. 46,500 fans. 365 days of planning. 6.5 hours of programming. 1 incredible event. 

That is ETZEL's Game Day. 
- Tony Fisher, Senior Account Director