Jordan Brand and PSG

When you first hear about the partnership between Nike’s Jordan Brand and Paris Saint Germain FC, you may think the relationship is a bit out of context. What does a traditionally basketball-driven brand have to offer a soccer team? And why would Jordan Brand pursue a sport such as Soccer?

The answer is actually pretty simple: evolution. Let’s not overlook the fact that Nike has been a soccer brand for decades, and Jordan is one of the biggest brands in all of sport. We’ve started to see it more and more these days, companies diversifying their offerings to cut across broader customer segments and take advantage of other market opportunities. And that’s exactly what Jordan Brand is doing with this new collaboration. By using established resources, design aesthetic, and celebrity name that helped Jordan Brand become a staple in the basketball community, they are bringing that same business and hype to a whole new set of athletes and fans alike.

The new PSG kits from Jordan are already a hit, and we can see why. Complete with the bold yet clean design style found throughout the Jordan Brand, and a PSG basketball jersey crossover (that is already sold out in every size on the PSG site), the brand has gone ‘outside the box’ and seem to have captured the interest of soccer fans worldwide. Read more about this crossover at the article below from the Portland Business Journal:

Check out the Jordan/PSG line here:

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