Author: Todd Bramwell, Director of Program Delivery

Our team stays pretty busy working projects all over the United States, and even internationally. It’s not at all uncommon for colleagues to go several weeks without seeing one another. It’s a great “problem” to have – it means we are staying busy. But, for a group of people that consider each other family, maintaining those close relationships requires a little work.  

One of the things that the ETZEL team does regularly is "Wednesday Team Lunch" at the office. Now, it’s important to point out that this is no ordinary lunch – we’re not talking about someone ordering in from a restaurant. Nope. Whomever is in-charge of the week does the cooking themselves – whatever they’d like to make (while being respectful of our vegetarian and gluten-free folks). Keep in mind, we are event marketers. One of our specialties is hospitality, and of course food and beverage programs. So, our team lunches have evolved into a friendly competition of who can put on the most mouthwatering spread.


There’s always excitement the day that someone is scheduled to bring in lunch. We’ve feasted on Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Japanese Miso Soup, Thai Curries, Carolina Style Bar-B-Que, Salads, Stews, and Braised Pork Tamales – and that’s just the past few months. It’s always ridiculously tasty, and usually raises the bar for the person that follows.

Most of the time, we eat together and take time to reconnect with one another. We talk about our recent events, discuss the next great Netflix show, laugh, and almost invariably talk some trash about our favorite sports teams. Most importantly, it reinforces the ETZEL culture and allows everyone to have fun.

We believe in one another. We root each other on – both for work, and in our personal lives. We care about how each other is doing, and readily lend a hand if needed. We talk and listen to each other. Our Wednesday lunches have become a valuable tool for team-building. After all, food is love.

I firmly believe that this sense of culture and shared commitment to each other is one of the reasons we can achieve what we do in-market at events. Collaboration and partnership starts with the people you work with day-in, day-out. That spirit is infectious, and translates to our client relationships. They see it, feel it, and become part of it. It’s something that we routinely hear in the testimonials we receive – and it’s a source of pride for every member of Team ETZEL.

So, while there are a lot of things that make ETZEL a great place to ply our trade, one undeniable fact is that lunch truly feeds the culture and keeps our fire stoked.

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