Pura Vida: Nine Days in Costa Rica

This last February, our team members Courtney and Bria spent 9 days in BEAUTIFUL Costa Rica at the ANDAZ PENINSULA PAPAGAYO with #teamadidas. The trip was an extended weekend of leisure and relaxation for the adidas college football coaches and their significant others. Although there was a good amount of work hours involved, the retreat was a success and our team came back with a few new life insights from the tropical location…


1. Whatever you do, don't feed the howler monkeys! They will find you right at the time you want to go to bed and howl outside of your windows from dusk until dawn until they get more food. And when their lungs let loose in concert, you can hear it from miles away!

2. If you keep your bedroom shades open the sun will consistently wake you up between 5:55a and 6:03a every day. Being so close to the equator – the Costa Rican sunrise is around 6a and sunset is around 6p. Beats the alarm clock! Hello Mr. Sun!

3. Eat black beans, rice, and guacamole with EVERY SINGLE MEAL. Gallo Pinto. YAY!

4. Costa Rican coffee changes the game. We think the locals live off of the chocolate covered espresso beans all day but really their upbeat positive energy comes right from the heart! ❤

5. PURA VIDA” – Spanish for “pure life” – is a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life’s simple treasures. Choosing to live life to the fullest. THIS, WE CAN GET INTO.

To say we're going to miss Costa Rica is an understatement, but it's on to the next event and next location. Our team left today for a dramatically different climate - Banff, Canada. We will be sharing updates on our wintery weekend away with #teamadidas soon, eh!

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